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    Hey guys (and gals to).

    I will be coming to the Binder bash (I bleive that is what you call it) in June to answer any questions and do a seminar(s) on fuel injection. Please give me some ideas of what you may want me to cover. While I have a lot of information I want to make sure that I am prepared for what you may want to cover.

    Please give me some ideas on some subjects and we will put together the information for that forum. Please do not flood me with questions at this time but simply provide me with some topics of interest from basic to highly technical. We may want to do two different sessions, one for basic and one for more advanced if that is what you would prefer.

    I realize that some people have more familiarity with fuel injection than others so lets keep that in mind with how we set this up.

    We have donated a fuel injection upgrade for one lucky individual so we will be there to help answer questions for that also.

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    A good topic would be 'Field Troubleshooting an EFI system'

    I personally know people who are hesitant to go to EFI because they don't know how to fix it if it fails in the boonies.


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      I agree with the troubleshooting!

      Also requirments for fuel lines and fittings?
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        I would suggest starting fuel and timing curves for 266, 304, 345, and 392 motors in stock form, with some guidelines for slightly modified motors. (If this is like the fuel and timing graphs my roommate uses on his 97 Firebird, it is more like 3D graphs than curves.) I know things vary with application, but the same size motor in the same type of vehicle should warrant approximately the same starting point, otherwise GM would not be able to sell cars all over the country. I have not seen any typical baselines on here or the links. I will be at the Bash and would be very interested. What day is your seminar?
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