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Projection Install Completed

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  • Projection Install Completed

    Here is a run down from the Projection Install

    More information here with Pics

    Initial Power Up (fire extinguisher at the ready).......


    1. I had/have a slight drip on the input side, tightened down the clamps and just a slight drip. I'll have to replace the fitting

    2. The input is not the input, tried firing up the Scout but nada, no fuel. Quick check of the manual, feed and return lines bass-ackwards

    3. Drip now officially on the return side


    No problems, idling like a champ. Adjusted the idle screw but for the most part seems to have little effect on the idle. Let it warm up and started playing with the accel pump, slight hesitation.

    Road Trip

    I decided to take her for a spin around the block. The system was performing like a champ, very responsive, added power. I had a big ass on my face. I decided to push and move out onto city streets. Made a right into traffic and got on it a little. Running great. Stop at a light make a right to head home. After coming out of the turn I get a stumble, then it dies. Oh oh. No tools, no phone, no wallet. Boy am I going to be in trouble if the wife has to come get me. I managed to get it started but it's idling like crap and I'm able to limp it home.

    The system is going to need a fair amount of tuning. I need to fill up the tank as that may have been the cause of the problem. Once I'm sure if the tank is full then I can tune more.

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    Congrats on the install.
    What system is it? analog/2d/2di?
    Are you closed loop?

    Let us know how the tuning goes.
    Bill USN-1

    May be the answer to all your fuel injection needs!
    Learn to do it right.


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      You could see better if you would get "the big a**" out of your way before driving! Not very safe!! Had to say something!!!!Just kiddin ya! No telling what I will type when I get my conversion done. Like Bill said keep us posted. Wish ya luck!
      My "Disasterpiece"
      1970 800A 4X4,HFI'd,304,B/W,27,44,3:73,28's.
      The rest are in my 25 year plan!

      My "Ruedh"
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      LOOOOADS-O-RUST!! Donor body located. Not!! JY owner played the "crusher value" card. : angry:
      NON-working rear window. Need info!!!


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        Originally posted by Bill usn-1
        Congrats on the install.
        What system is it? analog/2d/2di?
        Are you closed loop?

        Let us know how the tuning goes.
        Older Analog system. Closed loop will be installed after tuning is complete. I've got a few minor items that need to be addressed, clamps, leaks, etc.