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  • Does this sound feasible

    I have been thinking about going FI for awhile, mainly to get better fuel economy. Anyway it is something I was going to wait till this winter, but something came up.

    I had dropped my scout off over the weekend for my mechanic to work on a few things. Anyway while it was there, Someone cut the New softtop (stupid @#[email protected] could of a least just unzipped the back) and stole several items out of it. All told the Damage was alittle over 1000. My mechanics insurance deductable is 1000, so he has to pay most of it. So what I am thinking, is that instead of him buying a new top etc... that he work on my EFI. How fair is a 1100 dollars for him to pull the parts,install it, and tune it. Just would love some opionions

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    I don't know the legalities of that. Since it is his deductible I don't think it would be insurance fraud?

    For both of you it could be a good deal! He would not have near as much cash out but he would have considerable time invested with scrounging the parts from a yard and installing. Even in a professional shop it could be several days work, plus adapters etc... To make it a lot easier on him he could install a kit from AFI ? But with buying the full system and installing it he would be over that amount.

    Maybe you should just replace your stuff and try again!
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