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Pic of fuel pump/filter bracket I built

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  • Pic of fuel pump/filter bracket I built

    Hey guys, just snaped this pic and thought that I would share it with you. In the picture you see the electric fuel pump from Napa, the 20ish PSI one and a heavy duty FRAM filter housing. The bracket they are attached to is made of 0.25" steel and has some angle iron pieces that it samwiches the frame with. When building this piece I also brought the steel out from the botton to protect both pump ($120) and filter ($40) from road debree. The fuel line runs out of a hole I made in the front of the guard and I lined the hole with some vacume line to keep it from rubbing on the fuel line.

    Hope you enjoy.
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    Looks good Mark, a skid plate for the pump! Hmmm.

    How did you come up with that pump to use?
    Where did you get the electrical connector for it?
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      In this post AFI recomends a airtex pump, well I cross referenced the pump with the napa one also listed, but the part number was actually like P5001. The electrical conecter came with the pump with about 8" of wire, all I did was get 20' of insulated, water resistint wire from Home Depot and ran it along the frame rail up to the engine compartment.



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        Very nice set-up!
        It's very similar to mine except I drilled holes in the frame and bolted the filter and pump that way. I'll try to get some digital pictures of mine. But my antique digital camera does not like the dark...

        Your right about the fuel pump. I got my kit from AFI and it is the same pump I got! NAPA part#P5001 Works Great!

        I like the idea of a skid plate for the pump. Been thinking the same thing. Wouldn't take much to protect it from branches, rocks and who knows what? Also since the pump has been proven to work in that location on the Scouts, there may be an issue of taking out the pump if you brake a rear u-joint? U-joints are cheap but the pump isn't. Who knows how much fuel it could pump out as well if it broke a fuel line. Anyway enough doom and gloom, a simple drive-line hoop would cure that.
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          Yep, been thinking about all of that. If you notice on the edge of the plate closest to you looking at it you will see two tabs about 1.5" long at each end. These are already drilled and have nuts welded onto them to accept a plate that will enclose the open side of the unit to complete the protection. Figured I would get it installed before worring about it though.