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    Since no body has posted here in awhile I would like to go ahead and ask a few questions about EFI conversions. I have a Scout II with the 345 v8 engine. What I need to know is where to get started in an EFI conversion. I don’t want to resort to complete kits if possible. I’m looking for the cheap but reliable way out. I also want to add that one day when I can find a decent rebuild able 392 engine for the right price I would like to swap the EFI over to it if possible.

    Does anybody have suggestions how to get started?


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    Well Mike you came to the right place. This entire forum was set up for just that.
    Have you spent any time looking around this site?
    Go to the main page and do some reading at the FAQ's and the various links.
    Then check out the distributor conversion you will need to run the EFI.
    Then come back and do a search of the archives here for any thing you'r not sure on.
    When you think you are there, then ask anything you want and we will get you an answer.
    You didn't say what year you have but if you are running the points or gold box holley dist it will make the conversion a little easier.

    you can swap the whole system to any V8 but will need to tune it with a new chip for the computer.

    you will want to start with an 88-91 chev truck system.

    Bill USN-1

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      Looking around here may help decide which direction to go.

      Bill H. USN-1 has done many of these straight from the donor vehicles. Basically taking the whole thing and installing it, making an adapter, re-wiring the harness etc. Best donor vehicle being the 87 to 92 Chevy trucks and vans then you need some more equipment and learning to build your chips.

      You mentioned you didn't want to get a complete kit. Me either I just didn't have the time or desire. So I got the DIY kit that AFI has. It takes care of the time consuming and technical stuff like wiring harness, adapter plate, external fuel pump with filter, chip for the ECM, O2 bung, some gaskets, check engine light and instructions. That leaves you to get your TBI, which is simple to re-build, a set of sensors, and chose an ignition to run. I have a small cap EFI distributor that gives the ECM spark control as well. Bill runs one too but also has a Ford Duraspark conversion distributor that works great too. I think AFI also has some way to just use what you have and install a tach filter to send the needed signal to the ecm. Not sure how that works though.

      Once you get it done it really brings the IH to life.
      Good Luck!
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        Hey guys thanks for the replies. Now that I have a starting place I will check back with y’all when I get some parts and decisions ironed out.

        Thanks for the input!