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  • Projection questions...

    I searched, but I'm too lazy to sort through all of it to find out wha tI need to know....

    I have a Scout, it's kinda a Johnny Cash Special...a 1980, with a 304/727 from a '79, and other various parts from all years.:) I have a good opportunity to pick up a 502-1 Projection system cheap. Wha twill I need to change to get this to work? Is it a straight forward install? Will my Prestolite distributor work? I am a diesel guy, and this will be my first gasser Scout. FI would really make me happy. Is it worth the pain or not?:confused:
    Mike Moore
    Bridgewater, VA

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    Hey Mike,
    I guess being worth it depends on what you do with your scout.
    If you consider that every car built now comes with FI, there must be a reason. And it's not all for emissions!

    I run FI on my street scout for better throttle response, better mileage, and better driveability in the summer and winter.

    I run it on my trail scout so I can operate at any angle and not starve or flood the motor no matter what I do.

    Plus I can wheel at any altitude from sea level in TX to 14,000ft in CO and not have to worry about retuning the jets.

    For the holley system, if you want it to be self correcting, you will need the optional O2 sensor kit.
    The Holley will run off you stock ignition.
    You will have to get or make the right adapter for your manifold.
    I have posted pics of the 2 and 4 barrel adapter from in the forum.
    The 4 barrel is PN 17-41 don't remember the 2.

    Hope this answers most of the questions.
    Good luck.
    Bill USN-1

    May be the answer to all your fuel injection needs!
    Learn to do it right.


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      Well, this will be my do-all Scout. I put a half cab on it, and the wife is really looking forward to getting it done. That's most of the reason that I want it FI'd, so the wife can go out in the summer to get mulch and it starts right up, and the same in the winter when she needs to get to work in the snow.
      Thanks for the reply, it sounds pretty much like a bolt it on and go deal. I know there are some tuning issues, but I hope that once it's done, it's done. Thanks again!
      Mike Moore
      Bridgewater, VA