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New wiring harness now available.

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  • New wiring harness now available.

    We now have the new wiring harnesses available that does not require you to use a GM distributor to operate your fuel injection system.

    While we highly recommend that you use the converted GM distributor many people are looking for the reliability and benefits of fuel injection at the least possible cost.

    By using the GM converted distributor you have full control of both spark and fuel. With the new tach filter that we have now designed, you can connect your wiring harness directly to the negative terminal of your distributor coil which provides the proper signal to trigger the ECM.

    This type of system provides a fuel control system only. Many people are looking for the reliability of the fuel injection system and not getting the stalling on hills etc. that you get with a carburetor.

    For the IH people only on this forum we will not charge anything additional for your wiring harness if you choose to go this way. We will still provide the full kit advertised above for $395 and you simply need to specify no distributor.

    This system we do require that you have some kind of an electronic igntion. If you continue to use points it is at your own risk. If you are using an MSD module there still is no need to use this filter.

    Thank you for reading the post and feel free to ask any questions that you may have. This should be a great low cost option for you to install fuel injection on your vehicle.

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    So if someone wanted to get rid of their carburator they could and keep their stock ignition system?

    Could you upgrade this later to a GM distributor or the Ford Durasprk conversion?

    Will anything fire this tach filter so the ECM gets the correct signal?
    Like points?
    Electronic ignition like the IH Gold Box and Prestolite? Another very popular upgrade for the IH is the Pertronics?

    This sounds like someone could keep their already upgraded ignition or up-grade later! Great idea!
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      Yes, this harness will allow you to keep your current ignition system and simply install the TBI unit and required sensors. This also allows someone to upgrade at a later time to a converted ECM controlled distributor or the ford unit.

      While it could be used with points it is highly recommended not to use points. A points ignition can cause a lot of other issues and it is best to stay away from. If upgrading to fuel injection it is almost a requirement to upgrade ignition systems as well.

      This is designed and should work with all electronic ignition systems that produce a single square wave signal for the spark plug to fire. The petronics systems I have been told work the best with fuel injection if you are not using the GM converted distributor.

      This is ideal for the person who has invested a lot of money into their ignition system and does not want to change it. If you have an MSD igniton however this filter is not required and can be run directly from the tach output of the module.