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My 65 C1100 Stepside

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  • My 65 C1100 Stepside

    This truck has been in our family since it was new. Basically a one owner, 92K miles. Kinda in sad condition from sitting outside for 2 decades, but it is nearly all there, and I don't have the resources to rebuild it. So if anyone is interested in it, let me know. I have no idea what it is worth, but no reasonable offer would be refused. Don't see this as a for sale post, but more of a what is the value, and where should I list it? The bumper is intact and not shown in pictures. Missing inner door panel on passenger side, and hubcaps. Located in 98531.
    I will try to create a photo album to post more pictures.

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    While it is a cool old truck, it is not desired by the larger classic car community and is missing or has damaged britework. I'd love to tell you that it has great value and you really have a diamond, but it doesnt and you dont. It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay to see it no longer shading that patch of dirt.
    - Jens

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      I just want it to not go to a junkyard. I don't really care if I get a lot of money for it. I bet someone out there wants it, for parts if nothing else. But thanks for your input. Rome not built in a day.