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    Hello everyone,

    I am the proud new owner of a yellow/white '74 200 Camper Special. The truck is solid as can be and only has a few dents and scratches with 68,000 miles. I bought the truck from an older gentleman for $900. I bought the truck as a beater pickup but I have been pleasently surprised to find the heavy duty parts that came stock on the truck. These trucks are built like tanks!

    Can you guys fill me in on what motors were available for this model? The Gentleman I bought the truck from said that he thought it was a 292? It seems a lot bigger then that with only 10 miles to the gallon.

    Also, is there anyway I could add an overdrive to the automatic transmission?

    Thank you!

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    sounds like it must be a 392. IH made 3 v8s that were available in a truck like that: the 304, 345 and 392. they are all very similar and all designed for use in medium duty(2.5 to 5 ton) dump trucks and school busses. they are called SV8 (small v8) but are actually larger and heavier than most big block engines from other makes. (called the 304/345/392s a "small" v8 because IH was also making "medium" and "large" v8s including 549 and 605 ci engines for bigger trucks)a 392 weighs in somewhere around 700lbs empty w/out accessories. they are essentially industrial engines that have a lot of torque but dont have a whole lot of horsepower since they are low revers. a 392 redline is 3600 rpm which is way short of that of a 350 for example. ive got a 392 in my 69 1200 pickup and i love it. sucks gas badly but cant beat it for towing really. actually it was possible to get 2 other engine options from the factory: these were the standard AMC "thrift six" 258ci and the AMC "rambler" 401ci v8. yes, these were AMC engines for some reason. i had a 74 200 myself and really liked it. a good driver overall. -ryan


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      Thanks a ton Ryan, lots of great info.I'll do a search but are there shop manauls available for this motor?


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        you can get shop manuals from places like and super scout specialist and a few others for the trucks and travelalls(the same) which includes info on the engines which are all basically the same. unfortunately they want upwards of $100 for the shop manuals. thats why i dont have one.