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    Has anybody known of a 383 Stroker in a Scout or other? What or your opinions good, bad, or indifferent. It seems that the power to weight ratio would be very good and there is plenty of torque for off-roading and plenty of rpm range for on the road use.
    Thanks, David Carlo.

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    You realize that if you want a serious answer as to the merits of a Chevy motor then this is not the correct forum, right???.....

    I have a friend here in PHX who has a 383 in a SII, uses it mostly to play in the dunes....
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      They have lots of power. I started to build one myself then decided to go with a 400 instead (for a chevy 2wd truck).
      A 383 is a 350 with a 400 crank. Might as well stick with a 400 and enjoy the extra cubes. My chevy truck ran low 14's with a modest cam and intake. 383's are also known for short cylinder wall life because of exreme rod/piston angles if 350 rods are used. Doesn't seem to a problem if special stroker rods are used.


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        DAMN! I am from Yakima! LOL Living in Monroe now working in Kirkland.

        I am now building a 750HP 383 18* LT1 motor for my 95 Z28. they make a TON of TQ and are very light compared to the IH motor.

        Good luck!