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Scout 800 Door Adjustment Help Needed

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  • Scout 800 Door Adjustment Help Needed

    I picked up a really nice left side door from a postal scout and am running into some problems getting it to fit on my 800B.

    When I first bolted it on, the latch wouldn't even come in contact with the striker. The door also sat (and still does) too high at the back, which is clearly evident when lining it up against the top of the bed.

    I added a couple washers under the front driver body mount (I noticed that side was a little low from the front anyway) and it brought the latch a little closer to striker, but it still needs to go quite a ways further.

    Also, I think the door is now sitting even higher in the jam. Please check out the photos to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

    Has anybody faced a similar problem? What are your suggestions for fixing? There are no signs of an accident that would have changed the size of the door jam and the Scout is not very rusty, so I find it hard to believe that the door jam is a different size that it has always been. I wonder if my door hinges are bent, but they don't appear to be. thanks
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    1976 IH Scout Terra 4x4
    345, NV4500 5spd Tranny, Dana 300 T-Case
    AYR-WAY Topper

    1971 Scout 800B Comanche
    304 V8, T-39 Auto

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    The pictures are not working for me.

    Did the original door have the same issue or did you not have a door to compare to?

    The plates the hinges mount to are adjustable on the door jamb side but sometimes get frozen in place from rust prevention coatings (or rust). Make sure they can move freely so you can adjust the position.

    How about the door jamb where the hinges mount? Is it straight and still firmly attached to the kick panel? Are the brackets the hinges actually screw into firmly attached to the jamb and kick panel? I've seen spot welds fail and these able to move around which could cause what you are seeing.
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