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Carb rebuild time ?

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  • Carb rebuild time ?

    My 67 800 has not run in over a year (maybe 2) I started it up and ran it a couple of miles ran great- then as I pulled up to the driveway the 800 acted like it was out of gas I say the fuel filter was really dirty- changed it and nothing I can see and hear the (Electric)pump pumping It'll start but I have to have it run at 2,000rpm or it will NOT stay running at idle- The carb is a Summit Racing 4bbl carb(600CFM) - and it has been a great carb for me-
    The last time I rebuilt the carb was about 3-4 years ago- any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Sorry 345 motor- 4bbl spreadbore and electric pump


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      Yes, very possible that the idle circuit now has a bit of gunk plugging it. Other possibility is the pickup tube in the tank is partially plugged. You could put a piece of fuel line into a can of fresh gas and eliminate that.
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