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    Where can I find all the details on how to install a scout II power steering system into my 1971 Scout 800, I have a 266 V8 in it. I have the power steering box and the pump off of a scout II, Not sure what other parts I might need. I appreciate an info.
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    800 power steering

    Be advised, this is not a bolt on conversion, but it can be done.

    I put a Scout II front end, power steering, and power disk brakes on an 800B that I built, with Jim Marsh's assistance, several years ago.

    Keep in mind:
    1. The 800's frame is wider than a Scout II frame
    2. If you are going to keep the 800's front end, be sure to eyeball and measure to make sure there is enough room. I am pretty sure there is, but check before you get too far.
    3. Remove the 800 steering box, I recommend closing the mounting holes, I don't remember being able to reuse any of them.
    4. Position the Scout II box to the frame, using measurements from a Scout II to determine the location and angle of the box. I mounted mine in exactly the same relationship to the front axel that it was on the Scout II. Clamp the steering box to the frame, mark and drill the three mounting holes.
    5. I sleeved the mounting holes with very thick walled tubing, drilling the holes out to the O.D. of the tubing and welding the tubes into the frame, gringing the welds flush. I also used a 1/4" backing plate on the inside of the frame. (Power steering puts MUCH more stress into the frame) A custom straight steer might be a good idea.
    6. I used custom tie rod and drag links but obviously the stock tie rod is fine. If you are using a Scout II front end, there should be enough thread in the stock drag link to be usable, but measure to be sure. If you are using the 800 front end, you will have to verify if the 800 drag link ball joint will fit the Scout II steering arm.
    7. I recommend that you use the power steering pump and brackets off an IHC pickup. I broke a couple of Scout II pump brackets before converting to the pickup unit. No further breakage. Stock hoses worked on my conversion, but then I had the engine set back 13 inches......
    8. If you use a Scout II front end, re set your steering stops to keep the tires from hitting the frame and your good to go.



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      you can find another perspective on it, same basic ideas at:

      Good luck!!

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