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66 800 3spd repair

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  • 66 800 3spd repair

    I need some help in figuring out what to do with my 3spd in my '68 800 266. It pops out of 2nd when it revs up a bit. It is driveable but a nuisance. Can I repair this, if so what do I need to do it? If not what are my best and least expensive options other than just living with the problem.

    Thanks, Craig in Tn

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    well if what i was told is true what causes it to pop out is the gear being worn from folks grinding the gear. so you might not be able to fix it but it shouldnt be to hard to find another 3 spd. at one point i had 3 sitting around in the way let them go with the scouts when i sold them


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      Problem can be fixed, search around on the net and Binder Bulletin for how to do I'm sure you already know, it's a T90 tranny....very common. Remember there are a couple variations on input shaft length if you start thinking of swapping it...

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        I thought about a 4 speed, but if I can find a 3 speed in good shape I would think it would be a lot simpler (I hope) to just replace the old 3spd with a better working old 3spd. I've got the original line ticket & original invoice among other papers. I am going to have to get one of those Scout service manuals on the Binder Bulletin, several quarter panel patches, driver floor and everything will be near perfect. As it is I can drive it just about anywhere. That hardtop was pretty dicey taking it off by myself though.


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          hard tops

          those can be fun:) once you get use to them you can do them on your own.
          the trick is to back up to it, drop you tailgate, lift the front of the top walk yourself to the middle, squat and lift. you must find the balance point other wise down it goes. walk to the scout lean in a bit so the top sits on its own then climb in and squat and lift again to move it forward to its proper place.
          now saying that its been a few years since ive had my scouts and i dont know if i could anymore. at the time i was working at a steel warehouse and was used to moving junk around. ive been driving truck for the past 5 years and ive gained about 70 lbs and im not as strong anymore


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            top and body

            That is pretty much how I took it off. Piled a big pile of geotextile matting behind the tailgate, balanced the top on my shoulderblades and walked it off the back. Before I put it back on need to get a couple of rust spots fixed on the bedrails.

            I ordered a service manual today and plan on doing some reading.

            It looks like to me that everything made of rubber and all gaskets needs replacing. Amazes me how well it runs. I suspect I can do most of the work myself except for cutting and replacing the quarter panels, driver floor and supports. I think all the body mounts are about done in also.

            Folks ask me if it is safe to drive - I tell them a lot safer than a motorcycle, but I don't drive it more than 50 miles at a crack generally. I want to fix up some kind of hard crate system in back to carry my 3 dogs though. But that is the last thing. I've put up my knife sheath and cane making to study and work on the Scout.


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              Craig, if you found a T18 4-spd with the correct input shaft that would make a nice some research on which one's will work....I hesitate to comment on it w/o checking...

              I lifted my hardtop off one's a bit heavy and awkward for one....I since built a lift system in the gee-rog.....

              I've got a cousin near Dayton TN who knows Scouts...if you happen to be in that neighborhood....

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                Your cousin lives about 230 miles from me.

                I'm catching up for several decades of learning stuff not useful in civilian life after being the Army.

                Transmission. I have toyed with the idea of a 4 speed but don't know exactly which one even though I have read quite abit off the binder bulletin. I'd hate to get one and not have all the parts or have the input shaft too long. Granny gears in 1st are pretty useless for me too - no rock crawlin for me.

                Body mounts and rust. I really need to talk to someone about body mounts and rust in floor boards. My bed and most of the sheet metal except for quarter panels are in good shape. However, when I took up the factory wall to wall rubber mat I found the driver side floor boards and part of the driver side floor board in rough shape.

                Tops. Any of these aftermarket soft tops any good?

                My goal with this thing is to make it a dependable weekend day tripper for my canoe and dogs down to fishing holes, while turning a few heads along the way.

                I've got some pics.

                email: [email protected]


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                  Craig, for your usage I'd either rebuild your T90 or find a better one to bolt into its place...take a hard look at rebuilding your clutch while it's apart...

                  Rust....depends on your fabrication skills, resources, and ultimate goals for the truck....could it be your weekend play truck w/o fixing the floors? Or do your feet fall through? Check with vendors about pre-made pieces but your cheapest option would be cutting out, then fabbing and welding in new, strike that, your cheapest option would be starting with a rust-free Scout, but what fun would that be? Rust-stopping treatment...

                  Softtops....I have no experience yet...on my play truck, always pulled my doors but left top on for summer, due to freq rain in NW....on my current driver, top's on at the moment due to no cage yet...waiting on cage...

                  Hope that helps....Ronnie
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                    Thanks and more


                    I wish I knew how to weld but when I looked into taking welding courses a few months ago to get to the one I needed I had to take three prerequisites first. I am contemplating the when of getting the floors & quarter panels fixed. The issue is that my Scout tub leans to one side and I am pretty sure it is because the driverside floor body mount is rusted through. I need to brace the floor up and probably run a piece of channel through or some other rough fix. I'm not looking to make this a restoration project for shows, just to get me to my fishing holes and dog running areas.

                    It looks like I will rebuild the transmission when I can find the right parts. That was a good reminder on doing the clutch too. When i am at it I will likely drain, "flush," reseal & regasket any parts that need that. This thing leaks a bit everywhere but runs so good that I am half afraid to ruin a good thing.

                    My service manual should be here shortly and I will likely need to buy the parts manual too.

                    Thanks for the input.


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                      soft top

                      well i never bought one for the scouts i had but i did make a cheap bikini top my scout was brown so i bought one of those cheap plastic tarps ( they had blue, brown , and green) at wally world. i got a small one and used the bolts for the roof to attach it to the front then a rock in each corner totie to then small rope back to some small eye bolts in the back corners i didnt get it nistalled before i sold the scout but i had a piece of angle iron that i had drilled holes into the same distance apart as the bolts for the roof i was going to mount it with the lip down toward the window to help keep the front from slapping at highway speeds just an idea `