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800 lift for 32s

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  • 800 lift for 32s

    What lifts are available that would allow 32 x 11.50s under a 69 Scout 800? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: 800 Lifts!

    You can use a lift for a J**p, but you will only get about half of the amount of lift stated for the J**p because of the weight difference from it to the Scout. those springs will also eventually sag from the excess weight difference. You can get 2" - Scout springs from the MR.Scout that is on the banner above top at the BB"Binder Bulletin". I can't remember his price but, from my best recall around $400, or you can try and find someone to build you some springs in your area. My '68 800 for 31's is about perfect for the 2-3" inch lift. Speaking only from what I've been told, learned, and experienced!. - Ike.............
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