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front axle help D27

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  • front axle help D27

    i pulled a bunch of idiot kids today in a ford escort they used to go mud bogging. well anyway to the point in the process i tried to engage the front axle in my 1963 scout 80 it is all original. well i tried to engage with the hubs locked and without, in gear and out in high and low and i could get them to lock what may be the problem

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    I don't know much about the 80/800s, never had one!
    But most 4x4 are the same and can get some gear clash especially in cold weather when the gear oil is thick. Did you roll back and forth a few feet while trying? With my auto trans and Dana 20 I always roll slowly in neutral and it slips in and out fine. Sitting still just doesn't work well.
    Hope that helps!
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      How long since you've engaged the transfercase? So it's just "stuck" in the 2wd position? Could the linkage be stiff or binding up?

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