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VW Bus - I could use some help

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  • VW Bus - I could use some help

    I have been sitting on a 1966 VW bus - 13 window deluxe for about 10 years. The bus is my wife's and I am currently trying to get it put together for her in secret. The hope is that we can make some memories in it and lift her spirits a bit.

    The problem I am running into is that these stupid buses are worth so much damn money that the whole scene is full of shysters and charlatans. I am hoping there is someone in the club who knows the VW scene in Spokane and can help me run down a few parts and make connections with some good people.

    Any ideas?
    - Jens

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    This is exactly what I've heard as well, Jens. And this was years ago as well. Not everyone's out to scam people, but you can certainly get better deals and better parts if you get in touch with the right people. I'll try to get in touch with an old work colleague who owns one of those.