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Montana IH 4x4 Racing - Winter Baja 2/8/2003

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  • Montana IH 4x4 Racing - Winter Baja 2/8/2003

    For those of us in the Great White and Warm (this year) North..

    The Montana 4x4 Association ( will be hosting our mostly-annual Winter Baja next weekend, Saturday, Feb 8th.

    Tech and registration from 9-11am, with racing starting at noon.

    You'll need a minimum of a 6pt rollcage, belts, and helmet before competing - see the website for full safety rules.

    Rally site is just outside of Cascade, MT which is located on Interstate 15 about 30 miles south of Great Falls, MT and 60 miles north of Helena. Right around 300 miles from the MT/ID state line on I-90 and MT Hwy 200 (hit 200 at Bonner, just past Missoula)

    The race will consist of multiple vehicles simultaneous, broken up in different classes, typically with 5 to 10 4x4s on the course at once. The race runs for a fixed period of time - to be determined on the race day, but minimum of 15 minutes each - and the driver/vehicle completing the most laps, wins.

    Gate is $7 for adults, 10-under free, racing is $25 with an M4x4A Race Card, or $28 without. 60/40 Cash payback.

    See the 2001 Winter Baja report - 2001 Baja
    - for pictures and MPEG video from the last Winter Baja.


    Just in case it wasn't obvious, I'll be there with "Little Devil".. my '77 Scout II that's full width, SOA, 4.88, tilt front clip, 4000lbs ready to run, 'caged and freshly rebuilt and 4bbl equipped "304C" powered racer.

    Just finished putting it back together last week.

    You'll also be treated to a few other IHs racing.. a '63 Scout 80 with a 350 Chevy from Helena known as "Rough Rider" and held together with enough duct-tape and bailing wire to be worth of Farm Equipment (but with enough zing to put many a pretty Jeep to shame).

    The world famous
    Gryphin Racing Team will also be in attendance, all the way from Aurora, CO.

    GRT is bringing Banshee - and Pistachio Pudno -

    I hear David Nuenke from Rapid City, SD will be making an appearance, but IH-less this time (hopefully Dave'll have his IH pickup racer ready by Memorial Day in Powell, WYO).

    If you miss us in Cascade, there's a back-up plan.. a few of us racin' Binders will be in Bozeman, MT on Sunday, 2/16 for some "ice racing" - just like at RMIHR.

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    Pictures and some video (see page 3 or 4 for the videos) posted.

    Women's Race starring Jennifer Comer of Gryphin Racing.

    And most of the first men's V8 heat, with me and John Comer (and, FYI, me *passing* Comer)

    M4x4A Winter Baja Gallery


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      Tom the pictures look great. I wish we could have made it.
      Tow strap? : histeric


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        You guys look like your racing your summer trucks!
        Windows and doors would help...
        [CENTER]1994 Buick RoadMaSSter Estate Wagon LT1/4L60E. White and Woodgrain Sleeper...PCM 16188051 With SS/V4P/Custom Tune! WOT 12.9 AFR!

        1990 Chevy Suburban Silverado 5.7L 2wd ECM 1227747 HiWay Lean Cruise 18.5 MPG and 12.5 to 1 AFR at WOT!

        1972 IH 1210 Isky Cammed Balenced 345 4 speed PCM 16197427 Project!

        [SIZE=3][B][URL=""][/URL] EFI Conversions and Chip Tuners![/B][/SIZE]
        [B]May be all you need to know about EFI![/B]

        and I still help local JustIH members (for fun) free! :cool: [/CENTER]


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          Originally posted by Eagle-Mark
          You guys look like your racing your summer trucks!
          Windows and doors would help...
          Windows and doors are for weenies!

          We just bundle up.. ;-)

          I *have* been thinking of throwing a windshield back in it, then going with SSII inserts, top, and doors and it'll look like a "normal" full-width SOA Scout II then..

          It still won't have a heater though.. removed that to save weight.

          Somewhere I have pictures of when I did have a windshield in it during the week or two I drove the Scout to work to break the motor in... I got tired of wearing my goggles.